VibeMuse Corporate Brand and Product Naming

VibeMuse is a Toronto naming agency that develops company and product names for worldwide clients. (for hero banner)


Our goal at VibeMuse is simple, to find the right name for your brand. Through the use of reason and creativity, we are able to articulate your brand in just a word or two.

In today’s crowded marketplace, a business needs any advantage it can get. A distinctive, memorable, credible, and unique name is absolutely essential in not only being noticed, but being found. The importance of a proper name should never be overlooked and is a crucial component of your branding. The industry is full of examples of ill-fated names that have led to poor market performance. Start your business off on the right foot, with the advantage of a proper name.

Our specialty is creating unique names that make meaningful, emotional connections with people. Our names are evocative, poetic, and most importantly – memorable. Our extensive study of language has given us the expertise to determine how language works and how it does not. This extensive expertise is combined with meticulous precision, creativity, and our proven naming process to discover the name that will drive the success of your business. As an independent agency, we are able to be selective about who we work with and the way we work. This allows us the flexibility to shape our processes to meet a client’s needs and budget.

Consumers often make decisions on the basis of emotions. To be successful, your name must engage your customers on the level of emotion and desire. Naming is a form of neuro-marketing. Names that do not have an emotional component are overlooked. The common practice of naming your company by using three different letters such as MVI falls flat. If you want your name to succeed in the marketplace then its time to choose VibeMuse. We are naming sages. We know the role that feelings and thoughts play in driving purchase decisions.


Our unique backgrounds in academia and marketing; in philosophy and psychology, allows us to know human wants and needs, drives, desires, and motivations. This knowledge propels us light years ahead of our competition while grounding us in helping you launch your name and brand.

Devotion, stability, familiarity, trust, comfort, and belonging begin with the right name. The right name leads to the right somatic markers that forges associations and behaviors.  The right name gives your company and product a clear sense of its mission.

VibeMuse is a joint venture, founded by experts Mark Zlomislic and Erich Bertussi. Mark has earned advanced degrees in philosophy, literature, art theory, and linguistics. Erich has over 20 years of experience in marketing and design. VibeMuse is the resulting marriage of these vast talents and is one of the only firms in Canada that specializes in naming.

Our Minds Are On The Pulse

At VibeMuse, we are committed to developing names that are unique, memorable, creative, distinctive, and relevant to your target market. We do not want your name to just compete well in its market environment, we want your name to dominate that market.

We do it differently. We work with you. We facilitate. We don’t show up with 1000 computer generated names and waste your time and patience. Our process involves guiding and steering you in the right direction. This is a collaborative process with proven results. We muse your vibe to create names that are unique.

With advanced degrees in philosophy and linguistics we understand how the human brain processes words and sounds. Our language skills allow us to create unique and memorable names. As established brand experts our expertise in positioning and target messaging creates names that resonate and capture the essence of your company, service and product.

VibeMuse has a proven process that is clear, logical, focused, and creative. It leads to the creation of a name that will be uniquely yours. To start, we meet with you and ask you the right questions. Together we brainstorm, having you think about what your business is really about and what it is you want to express to the world. With this information, we work through our process to discover your name. We create a word or Neologism*, a name that is truly unique and does not yet exist. A name that not only captures the essence and spirit of your business, but that does not yet exist on the internet. This ensures that your name is search engine and social media friendly, which will help to truly set your company apart from the competition. 

*Neologisms are newly coined terms, words, or phrases. As it applies to marketing and branding, it is the creation of a totally unused or historically existent name. Typically and most often, we create a “portmanteau” word. This is an amalgam or combination of two words. This ensures that the newly formed brand name is search engine friendly, as the main source of brand permeation is word of mouth.  It is easily spelled, easy to remember and totally unique


Why we are Different

We get it. Unlike other naming agencies that have their fingers on computer generated name mashers, we have our minds on the pulse of creativity.

We are VibeMuse. We deliver process and promise. Our process ensures that your name and brand our positioned in your customer’s mind.

The names we create have impact, memorability and a connection to your brand promise.

With over 5 million trademarked brands in the world, your brand needs every advantage. That advantage is the VibeMuse edge.

We are a full service naming agency that creates names from the source.

Choosing a name is one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll ever make.

We are practitioners of structural linguistics and creative semiotics. We know how to interpret signs and symbols. We know the roots of words and how to create names for strategic impact.

The names we create will get attention, generate interest and will be able to keep its promise. In our world where trust is faltering, companies who can keep promises through their names leave their competition behind.

Many companies claim to be experts in the field of naming. What sets us apart is what we are able to provide to our clients – our resources, expertise, experience, creativity, technical skills, and passion. Our highly specialized focus allows us at VibeMuse to consistently deliver evocative and memorable names, that serve as a catalyst for your brand’s success.

We are experts at naming. We are not amateurs, we do not dabble, we are not a part time naming company. Unlike other naming companies that may take months to develop a brand name for a client, VibeMuse is able to create your new brand name in a few short weeks. Why are we able to deliver so quickly? Our extensive experience and proven process has allowed us to streamline the entire process. This helps you not only save time and allows you to get your business up and running sooner, but also saves you money, not wasting your brand-building dollars. Our straightforward process is geared to quickly and effectively generate creative and truly meaningful brand names.

The name that we create will work across multiple media platforms. It will be easy to search and trademark. It will be able to travel into international markets through our geovibeguistic process.

After separate careers in literature, linguistics, poetry, history, art, communications, social marketing and consumer branding, founders Mark Zlomislic and Erich Bertussi launched VibeMuse in November 2011. The goal was to combine the best practices of these disciplines with our shared values for transforming our culture. The result was VibeMuse, an innovative naming and design consultancy dedicated to smart brands.

Mark Zlomislic has earned a Ph.D. in philosophy and is extensively educated in literature, linguistics, and visual communication with language studies in German, French and Croatian. He has worked as both a professor and a writer. Mark possesses a natural ear for language, an eye for detail, and a mind for creativity, strategy and psychological insight. His work and art have been published worldwide, including 7 published books.

Erich Bertussi has over 20 years of experience in marketing, design, and technology. His years of expertise in marketing, brand creation, web design, social media, and consulting have given him the necessary skills and experience to expertly create your brand.


Contact Mark & Erich @vibemuse