About Us

Our goal at VibeMuse is simple. Find the right name for your brand.

Using our proven process, we craft a name that perfectly articulates your brand in just a word or two.

We all know the marketplace is crowded, and that a business needs any advantage it can get.

The good news is, that most businesses have not caught up and don't necessarily even understand the changing landscape.

This gives you an advantage.

What many still don't understand is that a distinctive, memorable, credible, and unique name is absolutely essential in not only being noticed, but being found.

The importance of a properly crafted name should never be overlooked and is a crucial component of your branding.

The industry is full of examples of ill-fated names that have led to poor market performance.


Our speciality is creating unique names that make meaningful, emotional connections with people.

We create names that are evocative, poetic, and most importantly‚ÄĒmemorable.

It is our extensive study of language has given us the knowledge of how language works and how it does not.

This expertise is combined with meticulous precision, creativity, and our proven naming process to discover the name that will drive the success of your business.

As an independent agency, we are able to be selective about who we work with and the way we work. This allows us the flexibility to shape our processes to meet your needs and budget.

As marketers we that most buying decisions are made at an emotional level.

In order to connect with your audience on an emotional level, your name must engage your customers on the level of emotion and desire.

Naming is a form of neuro-marketing, and names without an emotional component are overlooked.

The common practice of naming your company by using three different letters such as MVI falls flat (unless you have a significant marketing budget to pay to get your name in front of your audience).


Our unique backgrounds

With extensive knowledge and experience in academia and marketing; in philosophy and psychology, we understand human wants and needs, drives, desires, and motivations.

This knowledge is all brought to the table when crafting your custom name.

Devotion, stability, familiarity, trust, comfort, and belonging begin with the right name.

The right name leads to the right somatic markers that forges associations and behaviours.

The right name gives your company and product a clear sense of its mission.

A joint venture

VibeMuse is a joint venture, founded by experts Mark Zlomislic and Erich Nolan Bertussi.

Mark has earned advanced degrees in philosophy, literature, art theory, and linguistics.

Erich has over 20 years of experience in marketing, technology, and design. VibeMuse is the resulting marriage of these vast talents and is one of the only firms in Canada that specializes in naming.